Saturday, September 04, 2010

day two

we meet bentley, day two...

phoebe woke from her nap and found that i was holding bentley

she was in the best mood and was totally fascinated with her little cousin

she was talking to her, smiling at her, and gently touching her little head

she couldn't help herself

she was sooooo gentle!  i couldn't believe her!

they were among the most precious 5 minutes of my life!

the afternoon was gorgeous in the 80s, so we went for a swim
see shaun under water near the railing?
see phoebe beaming?
the two of them played and played.  phoebe was tickled pink.

p is right at home in the water :)


she looooved to float on her back.  i loved it too.  :)

i love this girl.  she and i have had so much fun here.  we are loving getting to spend time with brett and shaun and love on them and baby b - and we're so enjoying the precious mommy/phoebe time! 

just the girls

sometimes we think her hair has potential to be blonde, when the light hits it juuuust right.  :)

cute little family

beautiful day's end.

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Lucy said...

That is one impressive head of hair Bentley has - I'm glad Phoebe isn't jealous :)