Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dreams Do Come True

Tonight Xander slept a bit and then we (Aunt Sarah, Libby and I) heard him talking to himself as we ate our dinner. Well, I had intended to change his sheet but hadn't gotten a chance before putting him to bed so I requested Sarah's help and since he was awake anyway I decided we'd go swap his sheet out and that would be that. I wish I had taken a picture of him when we arrived. He was just chillin. He was on his back, laying across the crib, just lounging with one leg propped up on the rails. He beamed when we arrived, and we couldn't resist a little lovin' on him after the work was done. Libby actually got the party started, "mama, would you mind if I sit and rock him to sleep?" Well, it was too sweet a request to ignore, so we decided that we would both rock him a bit and Aunt Sarah was kind enough to snap pictures. At Libby's next request, we sung him a lullaby and then returned him to his bed for more shut-eye. That kid didn't know what hit him but you can bet he'll be chatting tomorrow night, just hoping for a similar result. :)

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