Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 Months Young

Here are some more pictures from Xander's big day as a 6-month-old. The biggest milestone of the day was eating solids for the first time. Xander was introduced to the foreign tastes and textures of rice. At lunch, he wanted little to do with it. But by the evening he was warming up to it, and the next day he was an old pro. He now eats solids twice a day and has added avocado to his repertoire.

"Granddad, if you thought I looked ready for trouble in my last photo, you haven't seen anything yet. "
Personally, I love this picture. His expression just says so much!

Mama's Sweetheart.

blegh. rice.

making a playground of his bed.

At 6 months to the day, Xander continues to make his way across a room by laying out and wiggling and up and down crawling, particularly when he's going for a toy, or Barnabas.

tell me this torturous eating will be over soon...

He loves to sit and play.

He can sit by himself for a few moments, but prefers a little assistance.
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