Tuesday, July 06, 2010

...more of life in the springs

...a few more pictures telling a mini-story about our visit with wilson & mary and their girlies...

libby on the nose of a plane at the air force academy

just a day before mother's day, abby and libby planned a special mommy tea party for mary and me. they set up a table and chairs in abby's room, snuck (they were veerrrrrry sneaky) up some bread and water, a little tea set, and were pleased to give us the cards they had crafted in their spare time. it seems like there was some decorating done as well, i think there were paper decorations hanging from the light fixture. but i don't have them photographed. :) anyway, two blessed mommas are we!

phoebe sits, eagerly awaiting her FIRST tea party! how magnificent!!

abby in her hand-made crown

sophie in her finest gown

xander, who later asked, "aren't we going to a party?" i had to tell him, "babe, this IS the party!"
not EXACTLY what he had in mind. :)

libby in her hand-made crown, AND finest jewels

the decor libby made for the tea party

as mary and i prepped scones, chocolate strawberries, and tea, sophie entertained

abby with one of her paper flowers - the girls made a bouquet of flowers that we displayed in a vase on the table. they are both so crafty and had a great time with one another. party prep is right up their alley.

working working working

we hardly saw the girls the morning we had our mommy-daughter (and son) tea party. they were b.u.s.y. crafting and decorating and dressing for the party. so very sweet, they are.

xander did very little to prep for the tea party. :) he did stir the scone dough, and he did play with the only *boy toy* the brissetts have. nevermind that it's pink. he did the best he could in a world of girls!

phoebe pie showing her newish teeth. :)

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