Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Reunion

We had an opportunity to visit dear friends in Colorado Springs, hmmmm last month? It seems like ages ago! Almost immediately after leaving them we missed the Brissetts. Such sweet friendship grounded in Christ, I so enjoyed my late night conversations with Mary, and the days with our 5 kiddos and one on the way (Mary is due in just 4 weeks!), who were just Abby and Libby when we enjoyed Charlottesville together.

Here are some pictures of our trip to the Colorado Springs Zoo. When we wanted to see another animal, we hiked straight up! :) (omaha zoo girls, we have no business complaining about the hills back by the cat complex, or up to the elephants, or from the koi fish around to the giraffes, etc. etc. etc.) Also, we got to feed the giraffes. My kids were nervous, and it's no surprise really. I think there is wisdom in being hesitant to hand feed a creature whose head is the size of the better half of your whole person. Giraffes are big. Trust me. And their tongues are very very long, and they're blackish purple. It's ... different. Xander repeatedly told me, "no thanks" when I encouraged him to feed one, but Libby was convinced at the last moment. She didn't regret it, and though Xander watched from 5 feet back, strangely he is the one who most frequently mentions the giraffes in Colorado Springs. Back home, he now wants to feed the giraffes (not likely unless your name is Debbie I), and seems to have a general fascination with them whenever we go to Henry Doorly.

I'm tired and won't be posting any more tonight, but when I get back to it, I'll have fun pictures from our tea party with the Brissetts. you'll love them.

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