Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kindergarten Round-Up

Oh it seems so long ago, and it was. . .

My baaaaaaaaaby went to kindergarten round-up in May. She was so excited and cheerfully teased daddy on the way to school. They talked on the phone and he told her he hoped she would have a really fun time. "Oh daddy, I'm SURE I will have a fun time. I mean, when was the last time I came home from school and said, 'Boy, that was not a fun day at school.'"

When we arrived she became a little hesitant to head down the hall without me, but she did so with brave face. I let her go with brave face as well. Xander's cheerful disposition and chatty nature kept me happily busy through the hours that she was gone, delighting in crafts and play and reading and snacks. Soon enough, Phoebe, Xander, and I picked her up and took her for a special treat - a lunch date with daddy in honor of her big day.

I took pictures of her in front of the school - in her little skirt with the harsh Nebraska wind whipping her hair, but my camera didn't have the memory card in. boo. Thankfully, I discovered it's absence before lunch, and was able to take this picture of her with daddy. Oh aren't they my sweets!

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