Sunday, May 16, 2010

i love this age

i love this age. and that one. and that one. what sweet happenings happen when you're 6 months old. and 5 years old. but tonight, i'm home chatting with my 2 year old. and what a funny time.

Xander: who is that? who is that talking?
Me: you must be hearing my music. we're singing. (sovereign grace and i)
Xander: oh
Me: (singing) "glorious and mighty" (speaking) do you know who this song is about?
Xander: (giving it the old college try) ummmmmmmmmmmmmm. it's about.... walking.
Me: nope. it's about God. He is glorious and mighty! we sing it to him.
Xander: why?
Me: because we love him.
Xander: i don't.*
Me: you don't?
Xander: nope.
Me: oh. well maybe someday you will.
Xander: but YOU love him. you love God and daddy.
Me: yes, I do.
--incoming text from daddy--
Me: hey, Xander. we're going to a restaurant for dinner tonight.
Me: because it's Uncle's Jon's graduation day.
Xander: (wildly excited) and jon will be there?!?!
Me: yes. he will.
Xander: and can i have CHIPS!?!?

.... and so it continues. wouldn't you love to be a fly on our wall?

*i was so glad to hear that, in a way. of course it would have been great for xander to launch into his gushing love for the Lord - if, in fact, he loved the Lord. but he doesn't. and i love that he realizes that he doesn't. how much easier to recognize a changed heart when we agree that he's starting from a place where he does not love the Lord!

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