Thursday, July 08, 2010


This summer, we are embarking upon a new adventure:  competitive sports.  Toeing the line between providing opportunities for our kids and avoiding the madness that accompanies opportunities, we waited and waited and then finally decided to enroll Libby in T-ball.

But wait!  5-year olds don't play T-ball!  Whatever were we thinking?  5-year olds, so diverse in their skill-set, play coach pitch baseball.  So, we enrolled Libby in coach pitch baseball.

She practices once a week and has games on Saturday mornings  (and so it begins.  *sigh*)  Since this was her first baseball experience, we were relieved to find that her coach is excellent.  He has done a great job of teaching skills to the kids, as well as basics. (Coach:  THIS-IS-FIRST-BASE!  Kids:  THIS-IS-FIRST-BASE! running.  stop.  Coach:  THIS-IS-SECOND-BASE!!  Kids:  THIS-IS-SECOND-BASE!!  ...)  While some of the little ones are advanced sluggers and can throw the ball hard enough to snap coach's glove (yes, those kids are boys) they are all having fun practicing their hitting, fielding, running, and daydreaming.  

Libby and Elyse represent the girls, and they do a fine job.  Libby has hit the ball every time at bat, and has scored every time, too!  

Confession:  each kid gets 3 swings at coach's pitch.  if they miss 3 times, they get to use the tee.  (out of 6 at bats, Libby has only used the T once!)  the opposing team fields the ball, but heavens!, they never throw the batter out.  The batter proceeds around the bases as their teammates are at bat, and the last batter of the inning hits an in-field home run.  

So, pictured is Libby hitting, Libby scoring, and Xander having fun.  He already LOVEs baseball, and I think it a worthy sport for him.  He cannot wait until he gets to play.  Next year, he thinks.  ugh.  we'll see.  

here, Libby tries to hit the ball down the first base line.

xander watches libby, fake smiles, and models his big bruise.  he collided with a croquet mallet.

xander is super.  he takes after his daddy.

run on through, libby!

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