Tuesday, July 06, 2010


my girls have an amazing privilege. they share a room. :) now, sharing a room has it's ups and downs. they have very little privacy, the closet is a bit crowded (and phoebe doesn't even have shoes yet...), and one has to deal with the other's messes. so far, none of these have proven to be problematic.

on the upside, the girls LOVE meeting one another in their little beds at sleepytime. each night, when i take phoebe to bed, she looks over to libby's bed to see if she's in it yet. libby usually isn't, but she soon comes in to kiss her sister goodnight, then she winds the music-box on her cinderella jewelry box to lull phoebe mirabelle to sleep. phoebe LOVES this little ritual and libby is so thrilled to have discovered phoebe's love for that music box. in the morning, when libby wakes up, she immediately checks on phoebe who is generally already awake and quietly sitting in her bed, waiting for the rest of us to catch up. libby delights in opening the blinds, winding up her cinderella jewelry box, and giving phoebe toys to play with before she heads out to find mom & dad.

i love the way (all) the kids love one another. it is so encouraging and endearing. well, this day, the girls were loving one another well, despite the time. :) i had put phoebe in her bed for her afternoon nap, and not much later i instructed libby to sneak into her bed for a little nap as well. she typically doesn't nap, but she had had a late night and a busy day and i thought she was tired enough she would appreciate one. she did sneak, but phoebe was wise to her ways. a little while later i heard phoebe making noises, and it surprised me that she wasn't already asleep. i continued to hear her squealing, so i decided to peek in and see what she needed.

what i saw was utter delight on her sweet little face as she peered across the room to libby's bed. libby was there, tucked in under her blanket, peering out at phoebe. they had been peeking at one another, and phoebe was simply giddy with excitement over the game. libby was all smiles, and though they were *supposed* to be sleeping, i couldn't help but smile, and grab the camera. :) libby carried on, and i got to be a part of their special *sisters moment.*

after all, who here hasn't skipped some sleep to giggle with her sister? those are some of my favorite childhood memories!

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love this! just precious.