Sunday, June 08, 2008

Uncle Daniel Visits

Uncle Daniel was in town just briefly but made sure to come to our home to spend some QT with Sarah, Libby and Xander. Yes, that's essentially what he said, though my feelings weren't hurt. I know that deep down, Daniel was thrilled to hang with me too. . ... .........

Libby showed Daniel her prowess on the computer. She can be pretty impressive with her ability to manage the touchpad/mouse, and she knows it. I have to remind her that the computer is not hers, as I find her "clicking" here or there if I leave a webpage open during the day. Anyway, she was delighted to show him her favorite game (for the time being...), which is Create Your Own Superhero with Princess Presto of Super Why. PBSers, you know what I mean. Princess Presto spells out a word for Libby, Libby clicks on the appropriate letters, and when she's spelled the word she gets to pick an accessory to dress her very own superhero. Libby's superheros tend to wear a lot of pink and purple. She has SO much fun playing games like this online.

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