Sunday, June 08, 2008

Daddy Earned his Kiss

It was not easy. It took 4 men and some help from 2 ladies and a little girl. The set had to be disassembled in a few places to make it manageable for 6 of us to carry it down the street and into our back yard. Then, some rotting wood required attention, and yesterday's work was cut short. This morning the storms caused us to fear that the swinging would have to wait until next weekend, but a phone call from our friends aroused mama from her nap and before we knew it our loving friends and family were back at our home to finish the job. It took almost as long to determine where the set should go as it did to get it there, but by dinnertime the kids were enjoying the fruits of labor.

So, again we are SO thankful to the Lord. He provided beyond our expectations, with a great toy for our kids to enjoy, and the ever so kind and generous service of Nick, Grandpa, Uncle Jon and even our neighbor Josh for a time. The ladies, Brittany, Grandma, and Aunt Em, sacrificed their weekend as well, caring for kids and supporting the guys as they worked and worked. And the kids were very patient, as they waited for the finale. We are so blessed!


Chris said...

Love your new look!! And love the new play set, too. D can't wait to come over and see "Libby's slide"!

Lucy said...

Ditto - love the new look and wish we could come over and have Libby give us the tour of her new playground!