Thursday, June 09, 2011

product endorsement : FROG TAPE!

Okay.  I don't do many product endorsements.  But this one I simply couldn't resist.  I wish I could remember how many walls I've painted in my life, and how much time I've spent taping trim.  It's really my least favorite part of painting.  I lack the patience to waste  take the time to put that silly blue tape on my woodwork, around my doors, windows, etc.  Especially since EVERY time I peel that junk off my wall there's a messy ridiculous "line" that needs touched up.  Most of the time I skip the tape and do my own cutting which sometimes works out, and sometimes doesn't.  :)  But the last time I was at Ace Hardware (oh yeah, you heard me) I motion-triggered an infomercial telling me about frog tape.  Supposedly pretty good stuff.  I bit.  I bought. 

I later painted my hallway (with a faux linen treatment, that I happen to like, btw) and imagine my udder surprise when I peeled the frog tape from my trim and discovered A CLEAN STRAIGHT LINE.  Seriously folks.  Apparently the frog tape has PaintBlock Technology.  It uses the moisture from latex paint to create a perfectly tight seal along the edge of the tape!  However it works, I love it.  And I think you might, too.  Check my before and after pics.

Don't worry.  I won't do this often.  :)  

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