Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy had a big birthday and we celebrated in a big way!  We enjoyed hanging out ( = playing games) with sisters and brothers for days on end, a little getaway for the two of us, and a big celebration on the big day.

we spent a night at this old mansion

sideways picture and I can't make it right!!

my party planner extraordinaire threw a fantastic party for her daddy.  she started the week before, putting the kids to work on a fabulous banner.  but she didn't stop there.  she inquired of daddy, his favorite cakes, and wrote a long list for me to choose from.  and while he and i were away and she was at grandma and grandpa's, she *really* set to work.  She asked much of Grandma Anna, and when everyone arrived for his party, Libby had bags of decorations, as well as personal goody bags for everyone in the family.  Each was filled with treats either found at grandma's or that she had convinced grandpa to buy for us.  Above, she shows one of the porcelain dogs that found their way to the party.  Below, we model our new sunglasses.  Chime in, all, what did you get in your goody bag?

Happy Birthday, my love!  I am so thankful to share your days with you.  I love you!

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