Sunday, August 09, 2009

*** SuMMeRTiME ***

Hello, hello again! It's been a while, so again I begin my post with apologies for the lag. Not that you don't all have plenty to do to fill your days, I'm sure you find ways to spend your time even without a recent blog update to read. :) Still, I always hope to do better, not only for you, but because this blog is kind of my online scrapbook for the kids. I'm even worse at printing and saving hard copies of all these great pics of my great kids. So anyway, here's our latest update.

it's sUmMeRTiMe! Oh what a great summer we've had, and it's just so hard to believe it's beginning to wind down. We've been so busy, filing our weeks with fun and fun and fun and trying to squeeze in chores when we can. We have to have our priorities. This season will pass and we'll soon enough lose our freedom to pile into the car and head to the pool, or the zoo, or a friend's house, or simply sneak out the back door for a picnic or play with our ne
ighbors or quick swing and slide before dinner. In the meantime, we're enjoying!

Starting with most recent...

Daddy's firm had a family picnic planned for Saturday, BUT it was supposed to be 99 and so the fun day in the sun was a little bit canceled. Though not entirely. Instead of sweltering outside, we took the kids to the office where the balloon lady and face painter were at the ready, hula hoops and jump ropes and kids music filled the lobby, and the kids were able to have a great time. As I recall, Libby's words as we were leaving were something like, "face painting?! balloon flower?! water gun and a boomerang?! i LOVE this place!"

dinosaurs are xander's latest craze. well, along with trucks and doggies. oh, and motorcycles. but first and foremost, it's "didosaurs." so, it seemed appropriate that he be painted into one, and his big sister gets to wear a purple butterfly on her sweet little face. xander's balloon is elmo, libby's is a flower, and the two of them were thrilled with their personal creations.

x still has some learning to do...

libb works on her hula hooping

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