Sunday, August 09, 2009

Night at the Museum

There are a few museums in town, and a couple that we've never been to. Tuesday evening this one was open to us as a courtesy to the firm, so we took advantage. Aunt Brett joined us, and while we probably won't be buying an annual membership, we were glad we went and we think it's a once-a-year kinda place. :)

examining money. it's a good idea.

alright libby, now the foreman says you need to pick up that continer and get it to the barge on the other side of the bay. xander, pay attention. you're on the job before you know it.

not bad, you're a quick study!

the kids stand at "home" on the big map of the city

libby waves to daddy. he's at work. she's back at home.

the kids pose perfectly for a photo with aunt brett. nice, kids. nice.

checking out model trains

oooh, you know what would be cute? how about we sit in one of the passenger cars and get a real fun family photo as we peer out the window. okay!

xander, yooohooo....

uh, xand. and sorry daddy...glare on your face.

still having trouble with the boys. sorry daddy again. xander, that's better.

this time i'm weird looking, but it has to be posted because both kids are squishing their faces into the glass. perfecto. sorry to the cleaning crew.

dinner at the soda fountain. shouldn't pics taken at the soda fountain be in b&w?


Michelle said...

Looks like you guys have been having LOTS of family fun! I miss hanging out with you, friend! Hope you are feeling/doing well! I pray you have a great start to your week!

Chris said...

I'm glad it was fun! We'll have to check it out some time.