Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's a Happy Birthday Party / Family Chili Bowl

Can you believe she's almost 3!? Libby's birthday is Wednesday but we were able to begin her week-long celebration this weekend. Her family began arriving at our home on Thursday evening, with others coming Friday and then more came today. We spent Friday busy busy in preparation; we baked, we cleaned, we shopped, we wrapped and we decorated. We also managed to surprise the birthday girl, who was very excited to see her the pink and purple themed party zone when she woke up this morning. We were so thankful to be able to celebrate her and her life with Grandma Shelley (we missed you Granddad), Aunt Brett, Tylor, Uncle Mason, Tara, Bocephas, Grandpa Larry, Grandma Anna, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Jon, Aunt Em, Great Uncle Doug, Great Aunt Sandy and Cousin Kelsey.

We also took this opportunity to host the second annual family Chili Bowl. Only six chilies were submitted this year, due to illness, pulled wisdom teeth, and family who have moved out of the state (we missed you too Aunt Wendy). The entries were delicious and Uncle Mason and Tara took the trophy home. Grandpa Larry and Doug, Sandy, and Kelsey were runners up.

Once we had sampled and scored our chilies, it was finally time to open birthday gifts. Libby scored. Word had spread that she requested purple and pink. When asked what she wanted for her birthday she told Aunt Brett she'd like purple flowers. Aunt Brett asked about toys and she agreed, she'd also like pink and purple toys. Her wishes were granted. She received three bouquets of purple flowers and pink and purple gifts of all varieties. She really did enjoy getting all her gifts, and was genuinely thankful, which was very sweet.

Xander was a popular man this weekend as well, as he is growing and changing in many ways but continues to be incredibly sweet and adorable. All too soon we'll be gathering to celebrate his birthday, oh time flies.

So, below are pictures that were hastily chosen for posting, and I'm not planning on captioning most of them, but I'll scroll through and probably add some captions to clarify the picture. We wanted Granddad in particular to be able to catch a glimpse of her fun day, we hope you are healthy and able to visit soon! Anyway, the pictures are not in any order but do reflect in various ways the fun that we had celebrating the blessing that is Libby. We can't believe we're about to begin our third year with this wonderful little lady.

Oh, and though I should add several of her little commentaries, these come immediately to mind.

Grandma and Libby: watching for Aunt Brett and Tylor to arrive.... they're running late.
Libby: Is Tylor a good driver?
Grandma: We hope he's a good driver?
Libby: Well, they better not be dilly-dallying and they better hurry up and get here!

Libby: Out of bed but rescued by Aunt Brett, and luckily not mama or daddy. Could you bring me Baby Sue?
Brett: goes and brings Baby Sue to Libby.
Libby: You did a very good job bringing Baby Sue to me, thank you. But you forgot to bring me her lovie.
Brett:explains to Libby that she is trying to help Libby and doesn't want Libby to get into trouble by mama and daddy for being out of bed, but she needs to get into bed, etc.
Libby: Baby Sue really sleeps better with her lovie...

have we mentioned that she now LOVES dora? one reason she attributes to loving dora..."well, she kinda looks like me."

She has a birthday girl t-shirt and decided this morning that she didn't want anyone to see it until she surprised them with it when it was time for birthday cake. Here, she makes the big reveal. (this was similar to her revealing that she was going to be a big sister, which she did last year at this time by showing her family her big sister t-shirt. however, mama and daddy did not suggest the t-shirt surprise this morning, this was all Libby's doing.)

once partying was wrapped up, the party moved to the wii. even libby got in on the action.

it was BEAUTIFUL outside today, praise to the Lord it was the nicest day of the year. Libby received some outside toys for her birthday and we were able to go out and play croquet. here, she runs for mama out of excitement.

oh cake pictures. i like these because she was so excited about the cake. it was really the single most important part of the day in her mind. as soon as she finished opening gifts she asked, "now can we go have cake?" she was very specific in requesting her cake. i asked if she'd like a strawberry cake, which i thought would be pink and pleasing to her, but she made it clear that she'd like a chocolate cake with pink and purple. and so, that is what she got. tara and i were up until the weeee hours of the morning making it beautiful for her, and it was delicious too.

tara stands on the podium to receive the trophy for her and mason, grandpa larry, doug, sandy, and kelsey sport their silver and bronze.

what a beautiful little man.

libby poses under her decorations.

playing shy. or being shy.

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Lucy said...

I was very, VERY sad not to be there today for the party - it's hard to be the "out-of-state" part of the family! Libby we wish you a fantastically happy birthday week. Thanks for putting up pictures so quickly!