Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dinner with the Z's

Friday evening Lois prepared a delicious dinner for the 5 of us. Libby and her parents used to visit the Z's weekly, and though we hadn't been in their home since last May, moments after we walked through the door Libby headed straight for the toy basket. Though I'm not sure that she necessarily remembered where the toys were stashed, Lois and I were watching her and did get the sense that she was very familiar with the place and sort of naturally gravitated to the goodies. It was very sweet. She was incredibly comfortable in their home, and quite honestly, she was wild that evening. She did have a lot of "fun" as she so often told her mama.

Mark does double duty.

He snags Libby as she tries to breeze by.

Now Libby enjoys giving "5s", and she will even slap a high five, a low five, and a five on the side. But, she doesn't always perform on command. Here, Mark offers her "5" and she decides to grin for the camera instead.

A family photo before we head back to Josie's house.
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