Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ah, the birthday cake. Thursday morning Libby noticed mama's cookbook and, deciding it was in her way requested, "put it away mama." I explained to her that I had been looking through this cookbook to find a birthday cake to make for Libby for her party. She quickly changed heart and now requested that I, "take a look mama! find a cake!" Libby flipped through the pages with me and decided on some chocolate souffles. But when I turned to the big blue cake and asked her, "what about this one?" her eyes lit up and she replied with a resounding, "yes." I suggested that I could make this cake, and even decorate it in pink! Libby paused for a moment and said, "no. blue." So, blue it was and I think it turned out to be everything Libby had dreamed.

Click here to see Libby blow out the candles.

anyone with a day as exciting as this one, who has been posing for photos for this long, would be doing the same. she can't hold back the (big) yawn, and the room was filled with flashes. (see how polite she is to cover her mouth?)
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