Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Abby turns 3!

Heading out after Abby's princess bday party, Abby (left) checks on Libby and encourages her to pose for this photo. Josie doesn't want to go back by the girls, but even in standing where she is we almost have a classic with the girls side-by-side.

What a difference a year can make. Libby looks so big to me, especially compared to a year ago, and then see Abby, turning 3 the day before Libby turns 2, and she looks so much older still. Abby was a birthday princess, and provided crown favors for her guests. Libby loved the star-shaped PB&Js. Also, she carried this plate of sandwich out to the car when she suddenly exclaimed, "uh-oh! take a plate!!" Paper plates are a new phenomenon to her and she was very concerned that she had stolen a plate from Abby's house. I assured her that her plate was a special one that she was meant to keep.

What a goofy grin.

Fake smile that looks like stubbornness. Mouth full of PB. Again as we left Abby's house Libby was full of sweetness blowing kisses and waving as she said, "bye-bye! love you so much, Abby."
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