Thursday, January 13, 2011

funday monday (first monday of the year!)

if there's one thing they did right at Kutak this year, it was give their employees Monday, January 3rd as a holiday for celebrating the new year.  (okay, so lets be real, they do a lot of things right at Kutak.  we're incredibly blessed.)  Thankfully, there was early dismissal on Friday the 31st anyway, and everyone knows that having a Monday off is the best case scenario.  Three day weekend with a shortened workweek to follow!  love it!  such a blessing!

SO, what were we to do with a very special day of daddy loving?  Family Fun Day!

Kick it off with donuts, duh.

libby is developing a sarah-like habit of closing eyes for pictures.  :)  
as a photo-taking mama, i have a new passion.  correcting her.  :)
sarah, be thankful i'm not your mama.  i'm tough.  ;)

after donuts, we headed home for a phoebe nap and a mama shower.  daddy and the big kids watched a movie.  cuddle time on the sofa with daddy; there can be no complaints. 
then off to Bounce U!!

the only pic I got of the big kids was this one.  Libby's sweaty and Xander's soaked from the drinking fountain.  Oh, and he's pouting.  Guess what we told him a moment before?  Time to go home!

Phoebe really wasn't into bouncing, but she did enjoy cruising around, playing with shoes, and rocking on this little fellow.

here's a shot of her playing with her shoes.  a total girl, she looves shoes.  mama's, libby's, and phoebe's shoes in particular.  probably because of shoes, one of P's favorite words is:  on?

after bouncing we stopped for ice cream, then headed home for dinner and ended the day with a big-kid sleepover in xander's room.  their first.  :)  we think we may make it a weekly event.

We looved having you home with us daddy!  What a funday monday you gave us!

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