Thursday, September 24, 2009

that's my baby big boy

baby baby is a big boy. how can this be? i mean look at him! he's a baby! isn't he?
no. no, no, no. he's a big boy. and he's slapping me in the face with it every day. but, it feels pretty good. :)

a couple of weeks ago we got to put our little man in a big boy bed. what a fun day! with the huskers on the radio in the background, daddy put little man's bed together and we were all thrilled with the results. with the disassembly of the crib, xander's nursery was transformed to a little boy bedroom. i've made some changes in his room since that night, his first night in his big bed, and there are still more i'd like to accomplish in there. i'll show you pics soon enough.

what a joy, what a privilege, to be entrusted with our xander-- his silly voices, his sweet affection for his family and friends, his agreeable personality, his wispy hair (when will you get your hair?!), his mama's taste for junk food, his desire to one-two-three-JUMP off of anything and everything... alexander elliot, we love and adore you and praise God for giving you to us to raise up for His glory. you have been such a blessing to our family! and no jumping off the bed!!!

oh, and let me mention (i LOVE this), when he wakes up and calls for mama ("mama come...") i walk into the room and his face lights up and he asks, "i be-be-a excused?" yes, my love, you may be excused. after you give me some kisses. :)

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