Friday, September 11, 2009

...and she's off...

I had several "markers" in my little mind over the past few months. Little things that were scheduled to happen in our lives that would serve as my mental timeline as I excitedly count down to the arrival of our sweet little Phoebe. The following is one of those events, but oh, it's so much more.

My B-A-B-Y is now going to preschool. Now, I'm fully aware that this isn't groundbreaking news for many of you. Some kids go to school at 3, some go to daycare even younger. But for me, this is a big deal! I have spent every single day over the past 4.5 years, with the exception of maybe...15 days, with my sweet Elisabeth Adelaide. And now, she's GONE! (three days a week, for 2.5 hours a day). I'm handling it gracefully.

Praise the Lord, the transition has been yet another easy one. We have been blessed with kids that seem to adapt easily to change, and Libby's transition to preschool was no exception. For a couple weeks before school started she would occasionally mention to me, in passing, that she
was thirsty and she was also not so sure about preschool. Or, she has to go to the restroom, and
she's not so sure about preschool. I assured her she'd be ready when the time came. Thankfully, I was right.

The Thursday night before school started we attended the orientation and that was the best thing for her. She's pictured below, standing by her name near her classroom. We got to go show the school to daddy (he hadn't been able to visit when Libby and I went last year to decide if this was the place for us), refresh our memories about the great toys in the classrooms, confirm our recollection - yes, there is a white piano with a rainbow on it, acquaint ourselves with Mrs. A and Mrs. H, AND have cookies and punch. What a night!

Her first day of school was a Wednesday, and Wednesdays are busy for us during the school
year. This first day of school was also my first day of fall term Bible study, therefore Libby's first day of Kids' Club this fall (her all-time favorite place to be, where she gets to hang with her besties and learn about the Lord), and her first day back at Children's Truth Academy where she gets more excellent teaching in the Word. Yes, busy day. But, it went smoothly! Bible Study/Kids' Club, home for a quick lunch, a change of clothes, photo shoot, preschool, home for some downtime, dinner, and off to CTA. phew.

While we were finishing up our lunch, and quickly changing her clothes (I had dressed her for fall in the morning, and we were both sweating by noon... I think I was sweating from the stress, she
was suffering the effects of a sweater dress on an 80 degree day...) anyway, while we were getting dressed Libby pronounced her brilliant idea. "I KNOW, MOM! Let's take some pictures
outside in front of the PERFECT bush." I had to agree. We have a nice bush by the front door, and what a great place to take the quintessential first-day-of-school pics! As she buckled her shoes and headed out the door, it became clear that Libby was headed out to scour our property, perhaps the neighborhood, for the perfect bush. Look! I pointed out the bush by the front door. This bush is perfect! Thankfully, she agreed. And she wouldn't have if it hadn't been perfect. She's not that type. :)

Xander got to pose with his big sister, who he just adores. The two of them have such a great
time together, and laugh so hard. It's just beautiful. He was so sweet after we dropped Libby off for the first time. He asked repeatedly on the drive home, "where bibby?" She's at school. "oh." "mom? where bibby?" I think he really meant, "what's school?" but the point was, he couldn't understand why we had left his bibby behind and were headed home without her.

Well, here I asked her to turn to the side so we could see her backpack. She's got the pose.

And before I knew it we were zipping off to school, and I was walking her down the hall and giving her little hand to Mrs. H. Libby was SO excited. She was all smiles, gave me hugs and kisses, did the same for Xander, then without a bit of hesitation she cheerfully bid me goodbye, told me she loved me, and told me to have fun at home without her.

I made sure to be early to pick her up so I could take a picture of her coming out of her classroom, I suspected the smiling face. I think she looks just beautiful, and grown up, and relieved. :) She couldn't wait to tell me about her day, and ask me about mine. Mind you, it'd
been 2.5 hours.

"SO, how was Xander's nap?"
"it was good..."
"How long did he sleep?"
"about two hours"
"Well, that's good! And what did you do while he was napping?"
"oh, I tried to rest, but mainly I missed you while you were gone!"
"Oh mom! I didn't miss you! I had a GREAT time!"

I love you Libby-my-love. I'm so thankful you can go to a great school and love every minute of it. And I'm so thankful for the 4.5 years I got to have you all to myself. I loved every moment and am clinging to those I still have to enjoy before *gulp* kindergarten.


Michelle said...

I loved this post, Heidi! Great photos and you captured everything so perfectly. It's hard to believe how quickly time flies, isn't it. Love on those babies of yours! :)

Band of Brothers said...

very cute! i feel the same sadness when finny is off at school!

Jaime said...

Heidi!!! Libby looks soooo beautiful and grown up!!! I'm so glad that she enjoyed her first day at school!!!