Thursday, April 09, 2009

Libby Goes to the Dentist

Two posts in two days! What can I say?
Libby went to the dentist today, for the first time. The hygienist told me they recommend a child's first visit at 18 months, and they may scream through the whole thing, but they'll start getting used to it. I can't agree. 18 months? Dentist? My kid barely has 7 teeth (unless you count the 6 half teeth poking through). I'd rather wait till he's old enough to prepare for and handle a trip to the dentist, sometime before he gets a cavity or needs braces.

Anywho. Here are some pics to document the adventure. Libby did a great job. Brian
did a great job prepping her for the morning's events when they played "dentist" last night.
Dr. Daddy even scraped at her teeth, you know, to warn her that the dentist does
that sometimes. Good thinking; teeth scraping isn't the best part of the appointment.
Neither is the x-ray, which is the one thing I wasn't expecting this morning.
But this appointment was the real deal, 4 years old or not (if she'd been coming since 18 months, painful x-ray film would be old hat). X-rays. And you know how it is,
biting down on that film is uncomfortable. I think it downright hurts sometimes.
After the final one, Libby looked at me with a brave face and tears streaming down her
cheeks. So sad was mama! But she recovered brilliantly when it was time to recline
for her teeth cleaning. She asked if there would be any needles, was quickly reassured
that no way! No needles whatsoever! And then it was time for the headphones. Yeah, headphones.

Here she is, showing those beautiful pearly whites. I should have taken a picture
before bedtime tonight, they're even brighter. And they should be, in addition to the professional cleaning and flouride treatment she got this morning, Libby personally
brushed her teeth 4 times today, and flossed. The dentist made quite an impression.

X-rays. First one's are a piece of cake. The front teeth.

**did you know that if you click on a photo you can see it much bigger? it's true.
and in the photo above, if you click it and view it larger, you can see the official
"first trip to the dentist" photo of libby on the computer behind her. what a cutie.**

X-rays. The third and fourth pictures hurt. My poor baby!
I believe she explained it to Brittany something like this,
"I had to bite down on paper, and it wasn't even candy, but paper!"

Getting those pearly whites all cleaned up. But what's she looking at?
And what's playing on the headphones?


Dentist gives the final once over. Does some daddy-esque scraping,
reports that there are no cavities and Libby's teeth look great. See
you in 6 months. Six months turns out to be a couple of days from baby 3s
expected arrival and I say, see you in seven.

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Jessica's Little Women said...

You are a beauty in your red twirly skirt, Libby! Good job with the x-rays!

Rebekah said...

Aye yie yie - 18months??? That DOES sound crazy - I know I read something like that in a magazine and when I asked our dentist in NJ about it - he said not until 3 or 4 do they usually take them. They also don't do x-rays or cleaning the first time, just polishing - wish I had a dentist friend to grill about that - unless something's bothering me I put off x-rays for as long as they let me - it helps to be pregnant because then they can't do them! :-)

Chris said...

That's where we take D, too. Dr Scott is great. And I'm kinda glad we took D at around 2 because soon thereafter he had a great fall with a sippy cup in his mouth and I was so glad we had someone to call on a Saturday morning to talk us through holding down our screaming toddler and relocating his front tooth. Yikes.

Lawrence Gilstrap said...

She's such a brave girl! And have you tried getting her Dora's book on dentist trips? I'm sure she'll be more interested in visiting her dentist pretty soon!