Monday, April 20, 2009

Hooray for Play!

Hooray for Play! That's what we say!
I snapped some pictures of the kiddos playing in the back yard, they have so much fun out there. Xander repeatedly chants, "shide?", and throws in some "swing?" when he wants to go outside and swing. When he's really enthusiastic he throws in the convincing head nod. With as much fun as they have, it's not too hard to convince me... as long as the weather's good. When it comes to coldness or wind, I'm kind of a baby. There, I said it.

sweet libbs on her swing

xander making his way from the ladder across to the slide

And here are the videos. I took the first one to mark how well he is doing at climbing the (tricky) ladder to get up to the slide. While I'm still a little nervous watching him, overall, I feel relatively comfortable with him doing this (second child... I think I panicked last year when Libby tried) and certainly felt well enough to stand by with camera. Anyway, so up he went, and I found myself talking some (and I don't like my voice on video), plus this was laryngitis week, so I sound even stranger. BUT, there's one moment that kind of made this video worth it to me. One real life moment. See if you can spot it, it's the moment Libby goes down the slide and bonks me in the head with the broomstick. I took it like a pro.

Second video, better in some ways, not in others, tells basically the same story. But it gets posted because I like it too. And I like it because I like the kids' interaction, I like Libby offering to take Xander down on her lap, I love Xander blowing by her and taking the slide by himself, and I love that for the second time, Xander kicks his left leg up in the air as he slides and glides. The boy's got form. It's cute.

So, enjoy! Two simlar videos, marking just a few typical moments of life at our house. Or, outside it.


Jessica's Little Women said...

Such beautiful kids! And I'm digging Lib's shirt. Where did that gem come from?

one blessed mama said...

that's one of my FAVORITE shirts. the fabric is SO comfy too. i picked it up at a consignment sale! it was a steal. :)