Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Last Saturday was Christmas tree day, and what a fun day it was! We decided to get our tree from a tree farm this year, and we had such a great day making memories and continuing and establishing Christmas traditions.

Libby blazes the trail. We will find the PERFECT tree.

Here she is, in her natural habitat. The farm. Right by the retirement village.

We'll take the big one. And daddy cut it down! Libby supervised.

We managed to get it in the door and Libby decided
to take a picture of daddy and mama getting it nestled in it's new home.

The tree is huge. It had to be anchored to the wall. :)

having a jolly time with cookies and hot cocoa,
ray charles Christmas music and decorating the tree

going glam with the strand of pearls


libby delighted in finding a perfect bough for every ornament.
barnabas liked being involved, too.

like i said, finding the perfect bough for each ornament. she takes decorating seriously.

aunt brett was our photographer, but she got to do some placing of her own.

the finished product. we missed you xander (while you were sleeping... and let's face it, that really was the ideal time trim the tree.)

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Lucy said...

Speaking of hot cocoa - I picked up our pottery (finally!) yesterday and resisted looking at most of it, but I did unwrap Miss Libby's mug & found that it had turned out just beautifully. Can't wait to see you all soon(ish)!