Sunday, November 16, 2008

This and That

I suppose it's time to post more pics of everyone's favorite Libby and Xander. The past couple of weeks have been quieter than those of October and I have been loving it. So, these are pictures from day to day life, growing and playing and even just eating...

Yes, this is yet another example of mom photographing baby's bad habits. Xander's favorite pastime is climbing, particularly onto chairs and then from chairs to anything higher than chairs. He loves it. He's gotten speedy and efficient and is no less thrilled with his accomplishment than he was the first time he conquered it.

No, Xander is not the only one who likes to climb onto chairs. Of course for some, it's not so much a challenge.
Mama's challenge is keeping her little shopper seated properly in a cart (or buggy, for my southern gals). This particular evening, Xander felt a bit more comfy reclining backwards. Oh, and you surely can't help but notice the winter coat and bare feet. Yes, it was a chilly evening, and yes, Xander removed his socks and shoes. His toes need to breathe.

We got to spend a day last week playing with our best friends, and as they headed home Libby asked that they pose for a photo. Let's face it, she takes after her mama... and her grandma... and her great-grandpa.

Sitting on a chair, rocking or not, is sooo last year.

hudson at lunchtime. lovin that grilled cheesey grin.

the crew.

i love barnabas, the big brown dog!

this is my little guy.

this is another little grinning climber.
mares inspired xander to confidence.


Lucy said...

I'm afraid my house is not Xander proof. Nor do I know how to make it Xander proof. *Sigh* I will simply pray that there are enough of us to keep at least one eye on him at all times!

Chris said...

We have battles between mama & the climber as well. Some days I feel like all I do is repeat, "on your knees or on your bottom!" all day long.