Sunday, November 02, 2008

Making Believe

What a holiday! This year Libby and Xander attended 4 Halloween celebrations and treated around our neighborhood, in costume each time (mama even attended one without the kiddos!). As you saw before, Princess Elisabeth made a stunning appearance, dressed in her gown of pink and purple, jewels upon her head, real make-up, glitter in her hair and on her eyes, and sparkles in her eyes as she gratefully accepted much, much, too much candy. She actually told us after the first night out that she had too much candy and didn't need any more, but I think she sort of changed her mind at the other events. :) Oh, and I should mention and I think you'd otherwise notice, she didn't let her royalty go to her head. The little lady preferred her crocs or bare feet to princess heels every time. Often, she would start out in her sparkley princess shoes, but quickly shed them for something more comfortable. (If only crocs made a loud clunky noise on a hard floor. That's the mark of a truly fabulous shoe.)
Meanwhile, Itsy Bitsy Xander (who's actually quite huge these days!) dressed as a spider; this was his first costume. He didn't get any candy, but did stay up way too late 3 separate nights, and wowed the crowds when he crept across the floors on all legs. Enjoy the pics!

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