Monday, July 07, 2008

Prima Ballerina

As you may remember from an earlier post, over the past 5 weeks Libby has been joining some friends every Tuesday and Thursday evening for dance. She has really enjoyed it, and mama enjoyed the fellowship with the other ladies while we waited for our prima ballerinas to finish their lesson. :)

The girls received introductory instruction on ballet, jazz, and tap, and more than that they got to twirl like stars and hop like frogs and eleve like ballerinas. Unfortunately, mama didn't do a good job preparing Libby for her final dance class last Thursday evening because she didn't realize that all the parents would be coming in to watch the dancers perform. (She loved performing her VBS songs in front of the whole congregation! What was happening here?) She had a touch of stage fright and watched most of the performance from the comfort of mama's lap. But she wanted to go out, i could just tell, and with some encouragement she danced some favorite moves and then returned to her position as a wallflower. Here are a couple of pictures and videos of the evening.

After the show, Libby is all smiles with her friends Kate, Madison and Emiliana.


Chris said...

Absolutely precious!!

April said...

Heidi! Libby is SO BIG and SO CUTE!!! Oh it's great to see her again and Xander for the first time. you are a really cute mom and i always hoped to be like you since you were a step ahead of us. thanks so much for your comments. you are the one that saved us with Anna Kate by recommending that book and I love that book...i explained why it's been harder to catch w/ J.R. i only heard about babywise later than that. it's so hard that all the help for new moms is word of mouth which is sometimes slower than others. do you mind if i link to your blog on my blog b/c then i will remember to read it :) is brian in the airforce or did he do something else?

April said...

Thanks Heidi and please add mine! :)