Friday, July 11, 2008

Independence Day

Here are pictures from our Independence Day. All in all, the day wasn't too eventful. This is a holiday we haven't yet established many family traditions for. It's a holiday often spent in travel and often celebrated outside in the heat of day or the dark of night, and that's always been a bit tricky for a mom protective of her kids' sanity. :) Truly, the highlight of the holiday this year, was having a 3-day weekend with daddy at home. We spent Friday together, just having fun at home and going to a fun park in the afternoon, then having the obligatory grilled dinner. That night we let Libby stay up for fireworks for the first time. Aunt Sarah and Debbie put on a great show for us (Libby loved the parachutes best) and then we hung out in the yard and watched the sky light up all around us, and the yard blink with fireflies. So, while it wasn't incredibly eventful, it was a great day enjoyed with family.

posing after "the show"

we went to the backyard and watched some neighboring fireworks from the playset. Here, Libby is driving Debbie and Aunt Sarah somewhere. . .

sparklers. fun.

I miss Xander in this picture. But I don't regret putting him to bed. :)

Keeping warm.

playtime at the lake


love this pic

happy first fourth of july smiley little man.

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