Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Talk

Last night when daddy got home from work he had some information from the YMCA that was offered to him at the office. Libby said, "How was your test daeyaddy?" (she has a new southern accent. it's incredibly cute, though i'm not sure when she was last in georgia....). She remembered that he had a cholesterol test that morning. He told her about it and we read the results to her. She read about the YMCA on one of the papers he had, and by reading I mean that she announces each letter in the words and then we sound them out. Well, she was reading the name of daddy's firm and she sounded out the first word then moved on and sounded out the second, and when she finished she said, "Hey.... like where daddy lives!" Yes, it was so sad and funny at the same time. Daddy's comment: I think that's probably blogworthy. Then he apologized to her and explained that he doesn't actually live at the firm. (in his defense, he's not there all that much, but to Libby it must seem like he's always there.)

Picture this: it's a rainy day, and only about 50 degrees. We went out to do some shopping, so we experienced the cool water. We're now in the van and driving along when not too far in the distance Libby sees two teenage girls walking, and from the back seat I hear:
"What. are. those. girls. doing. wearing. shorts!!!?" (pauses between each word for dramatic effect) I tell her I don't know, but poor girls, they're probably cold. She agrees, "I don't know what those girls are thinking. That's a mystery."

L: Do you know that when I grow up I want to be just like daddy?

L: Mom! Do you know that I have tiny little hairs on my arms?

Mama is on a restricted diet for the sake of Xander, and I'm not eating anything with dairy or soy proteins in them. So, this eliminates many many foods, more than just sweet and sour chicken or ice cream as you might initially think. Well, Libby has caught on to this and as she has become more... discriminate in her tastes, she explains to me before many (too many) dinners, "I can't have that. I can't have _______ (sauce, banana cookies... only sliced bananas, etc.) My baby can't have that yet." Seems to work for mama, why couldn't it work for her?

okay, time to go read to my biggest little lovebug and get ready for naps!

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Chris said...

I love the Libby-isms you share!