Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Eve with Grandpa Larry, Grandma Anna, et. al.

I'm very disappointed to say that we didn't get a family picture taken on Christmas eve, or Christmas day... though Christmas day is more understandable since we took our pictures while still in our jammies that morning. We spent Christmas Eve saying goodbye to Granddad and Grandma Shelley and Uncle Mason and Izzy, then rested and went to church that evening.
Libby got to enjoy the service rather than the nursery, and was fascinated by the musicians playing the drums and the guitar and the piano, and singing to celebrate baby Jesus. She was such a good girl! We discussed being a good girl on our way to church, and afterward, mama's friend commented to Libby that she was such a good girl and Libby beamed with delight and said, "Wibbuh (Libby) good girl." and patted her little chest.
After church we celebrated and Grandpa and Grandma's house with a big feast and more gifts. Everyone opened 1 gift (or a few more) from G & G, and we'll get together again next week to celebrate when Aunt Lucy and Uncle-to-be Dan are here with us. We're looking forwad to getting together once again!

Libby had a bag of gifts as big as she is, and right on top was a new little baby. While grandma works to get her out of the box, Libby decides to make good use of the time and find out what else might be waiting for her in there!

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