Friday, November 04, 2011

Libby as Helen

This afternoon we were delighted to go to school and watch Libby and her friends perform three little plays.  The kiddos are fascinated by nonfiction, and love to hear stories about *real* people.  She and her classmates reenacted three scenes from US History before their parents, and their fifth grade buddies.  :)

I snapped a couple of pictures of the other plays, but for Libby's a shot a video, so I don't have photos.  bummer that it's a trade-off, but I was so glad I took the video - we'll enjoy re-watching her time and again.  I hope you do too (at least once!).

You're looking at Betsy Ross and her helpers...

You're looking at Squanto and the pilgrims he helped...

You're looking at our girl, Helen Keller...

and here is the *real* Helen Keller with Anne Sullivan, as researched by our little lady.

Libby, I love you and was so pleased with you today!  You did a great job learning your lines and even going the extra mile and learning sign language for your part.  Mrs. Anderson said in all her years teaching, no student has ever asked to learn sign language as Helen Keller.  :)  And on the way home, you made me smile even more, when you told me you declined to bring the set scenery home with you, though you had the opportunity, because you didn't think we had a space for it, and you doubted that we would use it.  So sensible!  I love you!  xo.

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