Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Meet Kit

Did you know?  Had you heard?  We have a new member of the family.  Her name?  Kit Kitteredge.  You may know her.  :)  She joined our family at Christmastime, and she's been a lot of fun for Libby.  So, here's a post that goes out to Kit!

Ever since she wanted an American Girl Doll, Libby has thought that having matching girl/doll clothes would be super fun.  And I think she's right!  And American Girl® agrees!  Good grief!  So, I was surprised one Saturday morning to find Brian and Libby at the computer, doing some browsing.  They had come to an agreement:  Libby could work to earn money, and she could spend her money on a matching outfit for her and Kit.  She really wanted matching jammies at this point.  Additionally, Daddy agreed to match her earnings.  So, she counted up the tooth fairy money she had saved, as well as some cash that had come in here and there.  As they explained the plan to me, I calculated that it would probably take her about a month to get where she needed to be, and daddy was excited to see her work for it!  -- Suddenly, it occurred to me that she wasn't including the $20 she had gotten from Grandma Anna (given with the intention of helping her buy some AG accessories).  Add that and daddy's matching contribution and BOOM.  It was time for daddy to pony up the dough.  :)    (it should be noted that before I remembered the $20 saved in her room, Libby asked me to pull one of her teeth, thinking she could use a little more cash from the tooth fairy.  *sigh*)

They ordered the jammies that morning and Libby cannot get enough of them.  She literally wants to wear them every night, which is fine with me.  :)  Lets be happy they're so comfy!  and cute, they really are cute.  Here are the girls on their first night in their matching jammies.

Well, as you may know, Libby had a birthday last week, and Kit fared pretty well.  I will likely do another birthday specific post, but here are some Kit specific bday pics.

To the best of my recollection, each of those wrapped presents is Kit-related.  The Hello Kitty pez dispenser was an impulse buy at an old fashioned candy store the day before.  :)

Thank you grammy and grandad for the matching outfits!

They do look super cute.  :)

Kit also sports aviator sunglasses, a bazillion new pairs of shoes, a new sun dress, and a swim wear set thanks again to Grammy + Grandad and Aunt Brett + Shaun.  Daddy came through for Kit with a collection of stories and a Kit art book.  wozers, Kit!

oh, and there's the horse.  I can't remember his name at the moment.  or her?

and there's more....

the following day, Grandma Anna + Grandpa Larry + Aunt Em + Uncle Jon provided my budding artist with a bazillion fun Kit-related artsy delights.  To aunt Lucy:  thank you for the picture frame. Last night at Michaels Libby got a puffy Kit sticker that will soon be framed and displayed in her room.  :)  There's no telling how Kit will find her way into the photo album.  :)

Needless to say, Kit's around to stay.  For a while.  And thankfully, Phoebe adores dolls and can hardly keep her hands off Kit, because it'll be my aim to extend the enjoyment of Kit for as l.o.n.g. as possible.  :)  Thank you to our loving family for all your generosity, and yes, even you who gave non-Kit related gifts.  She tore right into those, too!  (as you know)


Pilgrim Family said...

love this!!!! my girls have loved matching with their dolls too though we don't have any outfits from AG...i must say they are cute! happy 6 Libby!!!

one blessed mama said...

oooh mary, where did you find matching outfits for your girls?