Monday, February 07, 2011

dance your heart out

so.  babies like to dance, don't they?  they bend their knees and bounce and move.  phoebe is no exception.  when the music starts the girl can't help but shake her groove thang.  well, last week at a play date p mirabella was exposed to the wii game "just dance."  she entertained me the whole 15 minutes of game time.  she got such a kick out of the dancers on the game, but while she giggled and pointed she was studious!  the girl picked up some moves and can't help but bust them out when she hears that beat!  

the first video is of phoebe dancing with london and sonora.  it was the last dance of the morning, i wish i had thought to record her sooner.  still, you get a feel for her excitement.  i love that she learned to incorporate her arms into her dancing.  :)

that evening at dinner, i told daddy that phoebe was now an expert dancer.  he ended up putting some music on and she couldn't help herself.  these moves are not mimicked, she was the ONLY one dancing at the table.  the rest of us simply watched in adoration.  :)

you're just so lovable, p.


Daniel said...

I love it! She's so precious - and probably has more rhythm than Victoria and I. I also, especially enjoyed Barnabas watching in the background to "Who Let the Dogs Out".

one blessed mama said...

yes, glad you could hear the music - you can't appreciate her rhythm unless you can hear who let the dogs out in the background. :)

Paige said...

Amazing! How soon can she start ballet classes? :-)

Jeni said...

This is so sweet Heidi!! She's got some rhythm!!