Monday, December 13, 2010

first in, first out

Last night, my baby didn't get her first tooth, she lost her first tooth!

Where to begin.  Practically Libby's whole mouth has been wiggling for the past couple of weeks, but last night when she mentioned that her teeth were hurting, we could see a notable difference.  I told her I thought she may lose one of them even before the end of the night.  (She has another that's hanging on by a thread.)

We weren't home at the time, but when we got home she set right to work.  Never mind it was already 45 minutes past bedtime.  On a school night.  (i withdraw my nomination for mom of the year, but thank you.)  Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, then after we suggested the oldest trick in the book, twist, twist, twist.  After her first set of twists, Libby very calmly and maturely announced, "it's working."  She handles everything like such a little adult, its very endearing.  :)

Finally, she crawled into our bed and asked me to pull out her tooth.  Eek!  I had previously claimed I would never do it.  I had previously decided it best for her to pull it when she could tell it was good and ready.  But in this moment, it seemed right to help her out.  After all, she's never pulled a tooth before, and I have.  And it was hurting her, and she really really wanted to lose that tooth and tell Mrs. A (kindergarten teacher) all about it.

So I wiggled and twisted and decided it wasn't ready.  I put her to work moving it through the night.  She worked it for another minute and asked again.  I got serious.  "Brian, do you know where the camera is?"

And that would be the last picture of our baby with all her baby teeth.  (why won't it turn?!)  Then, time for some coaching.  Do you really want it out?  yes.  Is it hurting you?  yes.  When it comes out, it will stop hurting, but it might hurt for a moment.  Are you sure you want me to pull it?  yes.  It might bleed, but that's okay.  okay.  A moment later I wiggled and pulled that sucker out.  When Libby felt the tug she asked, "*gasp* is it out?!"  She was soo excited.  And she showed it in the most calm way.  She's a lot like her daddy.  :)

And i managed not to puke.  people, i pulled my daughter's lower central incisor right out of her mouth and there was blood.  but i didn't puke.  praise the Lord.  (how do i get into these situations?  piercing ears and pulling teeth!  eek!)

As she and daddy dealt with.  .. um, the blood.... I sneaked the tooth fairy into her room and placed her sweetly upon Libby's pillow.  When it was time to head to bed and tuck that tooth somewhere safe (Libby did NOT want it falling down into the creek/crack between the bed and the dresser) this is what she saw.

Lila and Libby

Little Lila has a glass jar in her hand and tooth numero uno went right inside for safe keeping.  There would be an exchange made in the night.

we let xander stay up for this big event and he was so very thrilled to be a part of it.  he asked me to pull out his tooth, but i kindly declined.  he wouldn't have been as calm cool and collected as libby was about it.  ;)

phoebe snoozed through the whole affair

here's the beauty just before turning in for the night.  as i left her room it became clear that i wasn't allowed to throw away her tooth as i had intended.  she is incredibly sentimental and cries when i throw away her math homework.  she made it clear she intended for the tooth fairy to save that tooth.  (she knows about the tooth fairy.)

So, Lila didn't throw away the tooth, but she replaced it with a little cash all rolled up to fit into the jar.  Still, my babes are worth it.  and we like our new little tradition.  :)

When Libby woke this morning she checked on Lila.  She came to me nearly in tears:  my tooth is gone!  I reassured her that this is common:  a tooth in exchange for something special, like cash.  :)  Libby later told daddy, "Maybe with my $3 I'll buy a new picture frame to put a picture of my family in to take to college."  


there are those brand new baby teeth!  first in first out!


Jaime said...

our big girls!!! Love this. I'll tell the story of J's first one out soon.

one blessed mama said...

oh yay! a lost tooth for jos! tell me all about it!