Thursday, November 04, 2010

hopelessly behind. well, not hopelessly.

maybe the title should be "shamefully behind."  i do realize it's not hopeless, which is why i'm sitting here this morning, uploading photos while sweeping the floor, typing captions after putting my babe down for her nap.  but let's face it, i have some catching up to do - and i know i'm not telling you anything you don't already know.  :)  so here we are. 

long, long ago, back when school was new, Libby took cold lunch for the first time.  Is it really a photograph worthy milestone?  Maybe not.  But the reason I photographed and milestoned it (i know, i know) anyway is because I cried that morning.  Not sobbing, weeping, blubbering crying.  But, tears in the eyes.  :)  Something about packing a cold lunch made sending my baby off to school so very official.  I'm silly, I know.  And the same thing happened the first time I sent her to school with a note for the teacher.  Those little things made me feel old, and realize my babe is growing up!  :)  Anywhooooo, here is her little lunch bag, and her first little lunch.  

as an aside, I met a mom last week who was happy to meet me and get to see Libby.  She confessed that her son has a crush on Libby.  Matthew is his name and I must admit, I kept my eye on him and he seems to be a perfectly sweet boy, with good manners (as stressed by his mama).  More importantly, he won the coloring contest, which was disappointing to Libby, but he reportedly (according to libby) handled himself quite well after his victory.  She told me he was really happy, she could tell, but he was trying not to smile too much.  I think that's sweet.  Anyway, all of this rambling because Matthew has told his mom about Libby, and he described her as "the one with the owl lunch bag."   :)  See, he's likable.  

and here's my little man.  doing a little letter work that morning.  and work, it was.  but he got it!

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