Sunday, April 18, 2010

issanother traaaaaaain!

So, I did a little research. I found "Paxton is located near ... two very heavily traveled Union Pacific railroad tracks in southwestern Nebraska. In fact, one of those tracks is the 'busiest track in the world, with about nine trains passing by an hour.'"

CAN you imagine the glee, CAN you imagine the delight of a two-year-old city kid, when he hears the horns blaring, NINE TIMES PER HOUR for three days (and nights) straight? As dad, mom and Libby are my witnesses, Xander noticed almost every single one of those trains rolling through town just 3 blocks from mom and dad's, and he begged me to scamper out to the sidewalk with him almost every time. We did spend several minutes out on the sidewalk watching trains, trying to catch the engine and sticking around for the caboose, basically running from our seats when we heard the horns-ablaring. It was fun. :)

It's funny to think that were it not for Xander, I wouldn't have even heard most of them. :) And by "them", I mean the roughly 300 trains that rolled through town while we were visiting.

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