Monday, October 12, 2009

Countdown to Phoebe

Libby and Xander proudly display the paper chain we made with 50 links to count down to Phoebe's estimated arrival. The chain stretched almost perfectly from one end of the hall to the other.

The concept of time is a hard one for little ones, isn't it? We'll leave in about an hour, we did that last week, your baby sister is coming home in about 50 days... SO, to help with a visual and to build excitement for the arrival of our soon-to-come Phoebe, Libby and Xander and I made a paper chain with 50 links, counting down the last 50 days(ish) to her birth.

Well guess what - the chain is getting smaller! Daddy lifts the kids up to cut a link every night before bed and tonight, after the kiddos are all jammied up and the stories have been read, the songs have been sung, prayer has been lifted, my three loves will snip-snip a link and leave only 7 remaining.

The only problem is that I need a backup plan, because Libby and Xander both came later than expected and I anticipate that with Phoebe as well... I guess when the 20th comes and goes we'll start building a new chain to celebrate the "extra" days we have to prepare for her. :)

I snapped this picture last week, or the week before? My loves cut the chain before bed, and we're thrilled to see how short our wait is becoming! We can't wait to bring you home miss P!

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