Friday, June 05, 2009

Have I Mentioned? She's a GIRL!

It was Friday, June 5 and I was awakened by my sweet Elisabeth as she climbed into my bed. "Mama, guess what, I woke up and my room was fiiiiiilllllled with light!" That's what she first said to me. Right she was, because the night before, daddy removed the trim and blinds from her window in order to measure for a replacement. But that's neither here nor there. Then, as she snuggled me under the covers she added, "Guess what today is?! TODAY IS THE DAY WE GET TO FIND OUT IF YOUR BABY IS A BOY OR A GIRL!!" At this point, legs kick and arms swing and celebration is already underway.

Fast forward to early afternoon. I relax on a table with Dear Hubby holding my hand. The ultrasound technition comments, "you have a boy and a girl at home, huh? so no pressure on this one!" Wellllllllll, mostly, I inform her, although our oldest is a girl, and she really wants a baby sister.

Measure a head, measure a femur, count fingers and toes, 4 chambers of a hard working little heart, kidneys functioning, baby yawns, kicks and stretches, beautiful spine, hand on baby's head, look at those feet (we are informed they're they same length as the femur... not just our baby, baby is not a freak, all babies at this age. incredible huh?), and it's time to take a peek at baby. "Good news," we're told, "your little girl got her sister."

Yay! Praise the Lord on all accounts. Sweet little girl appears to be developing perfectly and healthily, and has 4 adoring family members awaiting her arrival. One of which told me tonight, she cannot wait until she gets to hold and cuddle and feed the baby. Xander doesn't yet understand to the same extent as his big sister, but our little man knows there's a baby in mommy's tummy and insists on hugging (gently!) the baby before every naptime and bedtime, and gives her plenty of (gentle!) pats of adoration. Little baby girl, you are dearly loved.

So, you pollsters are mostly correct. It's a girl!


April said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!! Oh I'm so excited it's a girl! Girl, boy, girl is the BEST :)

Band of Brothers said...

congratulations! so excited for you!