Friday, February 13, 2009

Mommy Misc

Time for a new post, I suppose, so here it is with some of this and some of that. We're in the midst of our V-day celebrating, and I won't post pics until I have taken all of them, and there will be more tomorrow (not surprisingly, since tomorrow is actually Valentine's Day). So, I found some pics of our lives from the past couple of weeks when we weren't prepping for this holiday that I love, and this is what I came up with.

These are Libby's feet in her ballet slippers. She loves them. I bought them for her for Christmas, and then decided she had too many Christmas gifts, so I held them back for her birthday (coming in a few weeks). Well, she found them. :) "Mommmmmy? What is THIS?!" What could I do? Lie? Make her wait? No way. I smiled and told her they were a special gift for her and I haven't regretted it for a moment. They used to have Fancy Nancy medallions in the midst of the yellow poof, but those fell off within 12 hours of wear, but that doesn't bother me one bit. Libby seems to have forgotten. For now.

Xander and his doggie. Woof-woof-woof. (you know, he's at that stage where anytime he hears the word doggie (woof-woof-woof), or sees one, he thinks he's supposed to remind us of what the doggie (woof-woof-woof) says.) He LOVES Barns. I love hearing him tell Barns to sit. He says it with such confidence he often gets an obedient response.

Is he not just precious? Ugh! I love this little man. He is wooing me day by day. If he treats his future wife with the same unashamed adoration as he does his mama, she is going to be one happy lady. And he better.

Any picture I take of Xander must be followed by a picture of Libby. Thankfully he hasn't caught on to the even-steven way of life yet, or I'd never get anything done. :) But let's face it, she's equally adorable and just as sweet. She gets her fair share of smooches, too.

Another post-bath moment. btw, those are Libby's all time favorite jammies. Jammies are a big deal to her, and she spends precious time picking out her bedtime "look" every night. (Those of you who know her eclectic mix and match and layering style will probably not be surprised to hear that she takes the same approach to jammy wearing, unless she's wearing her one piece jams, "that zip down to the toes.") She loves them.

Thank you, Great-Grandma Sharon, for the cute little apron for Libby (and for mine as well) that protects her and her eclectic little outfits from the occasional drip. And, it makes her feel grown up, too. :)


Band of Brothers said...

at first i did not think Barns was real. Wow, that is one amazingly cute doggie:) And i can definitely relate to those sweet adoring gazes from Ollie...i love it!

There's nothing better than post-bath kiddos.

Ollie is almost 20 months(wow, that sounds soooo old). How bout Xander?

Love Libby's apron!

one blessed mama said...

barns is real. oh-so-real. :) he is a cute and a good doggie.

i thought ollie looked a bit older than x, who is now 16 months. he has so much more hair! we do mohawks on him, but he just has some whispy curls up on top. no real "bang" lift yet. :) anyway, i love his name. oliver was the name that xander (alexander) bumped when it was baby naming time. but i still often think of little oliver and wonder if he'll join our family someday... :)

oh, and love your shed! what a great color of green for the door. love it. :)

Jessica's Little Women said...

those slippers would have been a huge hit over here! and whatever that tasty bit Libby is eating, too!

Barnabas is gorgeous, so stunning. What kind of doggy is he?

and those white cabinets are lovely. i heart white cabinets.

one blessed mama said...

isn't barns a cutie? he should be, i spent countless (okay, i counted, somewhere close to 100) hours researching dog breeds before we chose him. MUST HAVES included: NO shedding, the perfect kid for dogs, never ever ever an aggressive moment in his life, not a barker, smart, super good looking, not excited or annoying. (I sort of want him to be a good looking, quiet member of the family, with the personality of an adult.) I came up with: labradoodle. That's lab and poodle. Of course, I also wanted him to be smaller, and he's twice the size of his parents, which was not a pleasant surprise as he continued to grow and wouldn't stop. He does bark more than I'd like (only when people come to the door, but you'd be surprised how many people come to the door during naptime...) but as for the rest of my criteria, he does pretty well. :) Of course, he also had to be chocolate brown. Oh wait, he outgrew his beautiful super dark chocolate brown coat and is now kind of silvery brown. oh, and he had blue eyes. Can you imagine? but now they're brown. *sigh* We kept him anyway.

Jessica's Little Women said...

LOL! Our dear Jack Russell, may he rest in peace, grew to twice the size of his parents, too. It was a nasty surprise. And he shed a ton. And he was aggressive. I did a ton of research, then turned a blind eye to because my heart was predisposed toward a JRT. Any future doggies will be just as carefully screened as Barnes was, and I will not overlook any research ever again! I learned my lesson!