Thursday, October 02, 2008

Takes after Daddy

Who here remembers Daddy scaling the rock wall aboard the Monarch of the Seas? I do! (scroll down to refresh your memory.) Wellll, turns out my man Xan doesn't fall far from the old apple tree. He's a climber. If a laundry basket is left on the floor, Xander's in it. (the good news is that he can also climb out of the baskets without falling!) I have a picnic basket in the den, and a couple of weeks ago he climbed on it surfboard style. I removed him and went back to what I was doing, only to find a minute later he had scampered back to the den and climbed back onto the basket. Out of curiosity, I watched him to see what he intended to do once on the basket, and quickly learned he intended to climb onto the sofa. The loveseat at Aunt Brett's was no challenge time and again, and he was quite at home on the playset at the park Monday evening. Oh! this reminds me that he loves to climb up the slide in our backyard...and who can forget when he climbed into the bathtub about 4 months ago. Since then we have been diligent about keeping the bathroom door closed. :)

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Chris said...

Man, those daredevil babies scare me. You won't be able to keep him in a crib very much longer.