Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More Chit Chat

Well, later I'll put up some recent photos, but here are some recent conversations that gave me a grin. Sometimes she's just silly and funny, sometimes she says things that really show thought and impress me. Speaking of impressing me - this morning Libby took of her jammies (including unbuttoning them) all by herself and dressed herself from head to toe (minus her shoes) all by herself. Now that she's so self sufficient I'll have more time for long baths and pedicures. Anyway, on with the Libby-talk.

D: Are you finished with your apple crunchies? (cereal)
L: Speaking of apple crunchies, can we go outside and play frisbee?

L: i'm thirsty for
M: (interrupting) milk?
L: no, i'm thirsty for
M: (interrupting) ice water?
L: no, i'm thirsty - mom, i'm trying to talk here.
M: i'm sorry. i'm interrupting you.
L: i forgive you.

L: what were you talking about? (a typical question the moment mom gets off the phone)
M: i was talking to daddy about borrowing grandma and grandpa's carpet shampooer. i think grandma and grandpa might come over tonight and bring you presents from aunt lucy and aunt wendy, and i thought maybe grandpa larry could bring the carpet shampooer with them.
L: well that will be fun!!! but grandpa larry will be carrying lots of heavy things!
M: yes, he will.
L: he is very strong. and so is daddy. grandpa larry and daddy are two strong mans. they have very strong arms. like this: (flexing muscles). well, but i don't have strong arms. see?

L: those cars are going up a hill!
M: yes, they are and we're about to go up the hill too. .......... see, we're up on top of the hill!
L: yes we are! i wonder what is under the street. probably dirt and bugs.
(later in the conversation, inspired by talk of bugs)
L: but did you know that daddy really likes spiders?
M: no, i don't think daddy really does like spiders.
L: well, larry does. brian's daddy. did you know that larry is brian's daddy? and larry really likes spiders.

okay, that's all i remember for now. if i think of more later i'll add!

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Chris said...

Can I use the carpet shampooer, too??? Crazy people putting cream colored carpet in a house that would be bought by a family with 2 dogs and a toddler. What were they thinking??