Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mama Got Sick

Well hello friends and family. Sorry we haven't updated the blog sooner, I know pictures of a new baby and his big sister are coveted by many. But much has happened since little Xander's birth 12 short days ago. As many of you know, Xander came Wednesday afternoon and he and mama were doing great. We left the hospital Thursday afternoon and spent a couple of days at home enjoying our new family. Unfortunately, Saturday night mama started feeling short of breath, and eventually daddy and mama and Xander headed to the ER. The next couple of hours went by very quickly, as mama's breathing slowed and slowed. After checking mama's blood, heart, and lungs, it was discovered that a blood clot which had likely been in my leg had moved into my left lung. My blood pressure escalated and caused fluid to accumulate on my lungs, which was making breathing virtually impossible at that point. I was soon moved to intensive care, and over the next 8 hours or so, medications helped to drain the fluid from my lungs and by Sunday night I was able to breath without assistance. It was a very scary time, but also encouraging as we saw the Lord's care throughout our trial and I know I have personally been convicted of my lack of trust in the Lord's sovereignty and His perfect plan, and I pray God will grow me in that area.

By the middle of last week mama was discharged from the hospital on the condition that I gave myself shots twice a day for 5 days. In the meantime I am on blood thinner and feel pretty much back to normal. And how blessed we have been through all of this! God was so gracious in so many ways, from seeing that we decided to go to the ER (rather than take a nap, which is what I had considered, and likely wouldn't have woken from) to providing loving family to care for our home (Grandpa Larry and Uncle Daniel even cleaned our our attic while we were away!) and to care for our babies, who had to be home without us as I recovered in the hospital, to nurturing and loving us through our church family, who have lifted us up in prayer, came to visit, brought gifts, and continue to provide meals for us during our recovery time at home. We are so thankful for all who have cared for us through this and prayed, prayed, prayed. God has answered... I am on the road to recovery, daddy has been able to stay home from work and care for his family, Libby has made such amazing transitions from having mama and daddy at the hospital for Xander's delivery, to having us home with a new baby, to waking up and finding her parents gone for a few days, to visiting her sick mama in the hospital, trying to understand why mama is sick and why she couldn't be home, to welcoming mama and daddy home, to living with so many family members coming and going to care for her, to learning to trust that her parents are home and will stay home to care for her. I am just so thankful for the Lord's lovingkindness upon Libby through this difficult time. And, Xander. Xander has been such a wonderful blessing upon our family. He is such a sweet baby, he pretty much only cries when he gets cold and daddy provided a space heater near his changing table so he doesn't get cold often anymore (he's a bit pampered!). In contrast to Libby's birth while we were in Virginia, Xander has benefited from the love and care of many family members while his parents were unable to be with him, and his family members have been blessed by him, this sweet creation, so tiny and new and amazing, warm and cuddly, beautiful and sweet, provided by and for the Lord.

Below are some pictures that I have taken since coming home from the hospital (the second time). Granddad has taken others and I hope to get copies of them and post them later this week. In the meantime, enjoy these shots of our growing babies and please continue to praise the Lord as He is our creator, provider and sustainer - He is using this experience to grow us in our faith and there is nothing we desire more than our continued sanctification for His glory.

For a time, Aunt Brett was Xander's primary caregiver. I'm told she never put him down, which means she mothered him essentially exactly the same way I would have had I been at home with him.

With mama and daddy home from the hospital, we spent some quality time cuddling and reading stories in bed Wednesday evening. Can you see how big sister adores her little brother?

Grandma Shelley took over with Xander when Aunt Brett had to go to work. And she also cared for Libby, especially when Aunt Sarah and Grandma Anna weren't at our home with her. Those four ladies were such a blessing to mama and daddy; we knew our babies were in good hands, even when it was heartbreaking to be apart from them.

Xander seems to be making a sour face in this picture, so we took another one and he is gazing beautifully into mama's eyes (below).

Uncle Mason and Tara hold Xander for the first time; they came to spend their fall break with us this weekend.

Grandma took a picture of us before Uncle Mason and Tara had to go back home.

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