Monday, February 26, 2007

Almost Two (?!)

Well, it's been a while since our last post, and I doubt I'll have time to post any pictures since Libby and mama leave tomorrow to visit our friends in Virginia. But, I wanted to submit one of Libby's latest comments because she's been so sweet and fun. It's hard to believe she is turning two so soon!

Friday afternoon mama explained that daddy and I were going to go bye-bye in the evening, but that grandma and family would be coming over to babysit Libby while we were gone. She tried to change my mind by using her really high pitched and super duper cute voice and said,
"mama stay home too!"
i told her, "no, mama has to go bye-bye. we have fun together, don't we."
she replied, "daddy mama fun. daddy fun. mama fun."
i said, "thank you libby! mama and daddy are fun. and you are fun too!"
and she said, "thank you!"
it was such a cute little coversation.

later that afternoon she was spinning in the den as she loves to do. she exclaims "spin spin spin" as she goes round and round, and when she stops, she's clearly still "spinning" and she looks at mama and says, "hang on mama!"

she has also become very fond of singing. she has always liked music, but she now delights in mama singing to her, and she sings along - especially if i pause to let her fill in the word. i am continually amazed at the words she remembers from the song. i can pause almost anywhere in a few songs and she'll pick up where i left off. her favorites are, "jesus loves me" (which she really belts out, and it's amazingly sweet), "baby beluga" and "wheels on the bus". she especially likes it when we rock and sing after her nap. whenever mama finshes a song, libby pipes in so quietly with, "more."

well, it's time for me to get back to work. i hope to have pics posted soon after we return from our trip. i know we'll have plenty of cute ones with libby and josie playing together. libby exclaimed today, "hi jesoh! happy!" (she calls josie, jesoh.) she's clearly going to be happy to see her little friend tomorrow.

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