Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bar-bas, come.

New posts are more challenging these days,
since we no longer have our camera.
Unfortnately, a great weekend getaway in Chicago ended with the realization that unpacking our bag would go quickly, since most of our belongings had been stolen out of it. Yes, the camera included. So, boo United Airlines and boo Chicago O'Hare. In the meantime, I received these 2 updated pictures of Barnabas, referred to as Bar-bas by Libby. Yesterday she requested, "Barbas, come. Barbas, home." Barnabas will be coming home on Saturday, and hopefully we'll find a way to get pictures of his homecoming! Libby is ready for him, with toys and treats and his new bed. He is already very loved!

And missing are the photos of our family Christmas that took place last Wednesday evening (no photos were taken, sadly...). We had a great time exchanging another round of gifts and enjoying a family gathering with everyone included. Libby and fam got to meet Aunt Lucy's fiance, and for the first time tried to negotiate a gathering with two Uncle Daniels. Libby got some great gifts, once again, including adorable new clothes, fingerpuppets with a book, and her very own housekeeping set. One morning we will wake up to the house spic-and-span, we are confident. Libby really loves to clean.

Libby also loves to play, and mama is getting left out of the fun, so that's all for now!

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