Thursday, October 05, 2006

19 Months

Little Miss Libby is 19 months old today. Of course, if you asked her, she'd say she's 1. She's saying a lot of things these days, using her new vocabulary in conjunction with her old gestures to express herself, ask questions, and give commands. She's using her words more and more in sentence form, this morning saying at breakfast, "Daddy, sit, eat."

We are daily amazed and blessed by our little lady. We have SO much fun together! Below is a little list that should help you get to know her better, and learn who she is at 19 months.

Favorite Toys: mega blocks (legos for littler ones), rocking horse
Favorite Food: yogurt, applesauce
Favorite Drink: milk (libby calls it nut)
Favorite Book: her new little Bible
Favorite Bible Story: David and Goliath
Favorite Zoo Animal: Gorillas
Favorite Pasttime: helping mama
Favorite Shoes: whichever aren't "dirty", any of mama's
Favorite Letter: O (though she can identify L, M, N, O, S, Libby can spot an O anywhere)

Okay, this reminds me of a story (moms say that sort of thing a lot). Last week Libby and mama went to the zoo a couple of times, and had some really great experiences. With few people there and cooler temperatures, the animals were very social. One of our favorite exhibits was the gorillas, who were very close to the glass, and were behaving in ways that Libby could understand. For example, the gorillas were picking their noses pretty extensively, and since Libby has had a cold for the past month, she completely understood when I explained that the gorillas had boogies. The baby gorillas were playing with a ball, which Libby pointed out many a time, and one of them had gone night-night. Libby told him night-night and blew him a kiss. Since that trip, Libby has told her daddy, our roomie, and her aunts about the gorillas (and at the mention of the gorillas she thumps her chest).

Libby spends her days playing with her mama and helping her mama around the house. "Help" is one of her most frequently spoken words. She often requests help, and just as often, she asks mama if she can help (she even ran over to help mama move a dresser yesterday, shouting "help! help!" and standing behind it, pushing it across the floor as mama pulled - she was actually a lot of help). Libby assists in unloading the dishwasher (she puts silverware away, and to mama's amazement recently took a wooden spoon to the appropriate drawer and put it away without any instruction - daddy commented that libby knows where things go better than he does), doing laundry (libby gladly takes her clothes to her bedroom and is able to put her jammies, socks and shoes in their appropriate places. she knows where other clothes go, but isn't strong enough to pull open the old dresser drawer), and all too often she shows mama dirt she finds on the floor and requests that I sweep. She hates dirty hands; she can get and use a napkin and a tissue appropriately (she's had too much practice with tissues).

And finally, mama has to tell you about one little word that is spoken so many, many times in our little house. Rock. Yep. Rock. First, daddy's firm is known as Rock (Libby overheard a conversation where a lady asked mama "where does your husband work?" and when mama told her the name of the firm, libby piped in with "daddy!"). Second, Libby now loves to ride her rocking horse, which was mama's many years ago. She excitedly suggests that she "rock!" at various times during the day (yeee-haaaw). Third, Libby's favorite story in her new little Bible is David and Goliath, and she loves to ruin the punchline as mama or daddy reads it to her, pointing out Goliath, pointing out David, and explaining that David had rocks, and he hit Goliath in the head. She sometimes asks for her Bible by referring to David's rock.

Oh, and one more thing to show you how sweet is our little one. Today mama washed Libby's lovie. Libby misses it while it's gone and asks for it very frequently. When it was done washing I said, "Libby--- guess what." (she looked at me) "What have you been wanting this morning?" I was so excited for her to say, "wuv-wuv!" but instead, she wriggled with excitement and said, "DADDY!" Mama's heart broke.

Enjoy the pics below and give me a call if you want to hear more stories about days with Libby. If possible, even daddy starts to get tired of listening to mama go on and on and on every evening....

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Lucy said...

Thank you for such a wonderful update! I love the stories - and since, unlike Libby's Daddy, I don't get to see or hear about her much, there's no way I'm going to get sick of them! So keep em' comin' :)